Monday, February 25, 2013

Groceries Galore

Well, I have a confession to make. 

I had planned on posting my second Harris Teeter trip this weekend and guess what? I can't find my receipt. 
It must have gotten lost among the craziness of the weekend. 
However, I DID take a picture I'll share with you guys. 

My total was around $38 (I went over my goal of $60 a bit this week). But with both trips combined, I got around $213 in groceries, etc for $73 total. The coffee and sodas kind of ran up the bill a bit but those are for the hubby. :) AND I did get the Pepsi products B2G3 so not bad at all. 
If you haven't shopped Super Doubles yet, I encourage you to do so! And once again, I got my list from She has an awesome list of Harris Teeter matchups. Maybe one day I'll get around to making them myself but for now, I enjoy using hers. :) 

And of course, you know I didn't forget to post the Scentsy deals. 

This little guy is the Warmer of the Month this month. Seriously, how adorable is this?! I was immediately in love when I saw this one. And to make things even better, it is 10% off this month only. The Scent of the Month is "Posy Peach", which smells pretty awesome considering I don't even like peach. 
If you're interested in ordering one for yourself, feel free to contact me or have it delivered straight to you from my website 

Well, that's all for today guys! I hope you all have a fantastic week.
Be blessed. <3

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